Previously, in order to autoscale ECS and ASG, we had to set up a scaling policy separately in ECS and ASG.
It is clearly not trivial to set them up for the autoscaling process to behave as expected.
These policies behave totally independently and result in unpredictable behaviours (instances created too early or too late, etc…)

Amazon ECS cluster auto scaling (CAS) enables you to have more control over how you scale the Amazon EC2 instances within a cluster.

Once enabled by creating a capacity provider, Amazon ECS manages the capacity of the Auto Scaling group selected.
Basically, you will have…

The investigation about Redis covers 2 aspects:

  • Identify if the vertical scaling makes sense to make the Engine CPU Utilisation lower
  • Identify how the Engine CPU Utilisation increases depending on the workload.

1. Engine CPU Utilisation Performance on Vertical Scale

The purpose of this investigation is to understand if there are some benefits when vertical scaling for the Engine CPU Utilisation as Redis is single-threaded.
To do so, the exact same workload is sent to different Redis instance (4 to 16 cores).
The workload is 1000 concurrent requests x 36000 times running in one ECS task. Each request fetches some data.
In other words, 1000 requests are sent at the same…

Pierre RAFFA

Lead Backend / SRE Engineer

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